The Greatest strength of Korea TKD

is our warm and friendly staff. All of our masters and instructors are fully dedicated to teaching students in the best possible way.
We understand that we must continue our own training so that we can be better examples of what we are trying to teach others.
Developing the mind, body, and character of our students always remains our first priority and our greatest privilege.
Taekwondo is based on the principle of body and mind together. To achieve this oneness, we teach students that nutrition, physical and mental training, and giving back to others is needed to provide balance in life.
Happiness and success are not found through good physical condition OR good mental condition, but through the achievement of both.

Korea TKD began

with the vision of teaching respect, humility, perseverance, self-control, and honesty the core values of Taekwondo in the public schools of metropolitan New York. We have been giving students the opportunity to work with Taekwondo masters of great skill, who have inherited the knowledge of many generations. We are still the first and only Taekwondo education provider to service the New York City Department of Education as well as the first and only New York City Charter School Preferred Vendor of Taekwondo education.
Since 2008, we have worked with over 15,000 students through physical education classes in schools, refining the methods for making this traditional Korean martial art accessible, fascinating and relevant to contemporary students, so that it benefits their intellectual, personal,
social and physical development. We have applied our expertise of elevating character development, which we acquired through years of teaching Taekwondo, to other Korean cultural practices as well.
We now provide a range of Korean cultural classes in order to enhance the mental and physical discipline of students.

Our Philosophy

Our programs are structured in a way that emphasizes building character traits such as respect, humility, perseverance, self-control, and honesty. These virtues, venerated by traditional Korean culture in general, and the martial art of Taekwondo in particular, are offered in a way that stimulates and combines naturally with the wonderful curiosity, grit, playfulness, passion and sincere aspiration toward a good life we have witnessed so often in our American students.
Students gain intellectual skill, cultural awareness, and physical fitness from taking our classes. The courses we offer can be tailored to yield desired results or complement what is lacking in students of any age or background.

Our Mission

Our goal is to facilitate, educate, and inspire all people to become healthier, happier citizens of humanity through self discovery, so that together, we can build a better peaceful world.


“Our students have grown immeasurably through the Taekwondo program. I am proud to say that some of our students with three consecutive years of taekwondo are some of our highest-achieving students. Students who were afraid to speak up in 9th grade are now assertive and confident. Students who had trouble with self-control are now calm and able to manage themselves with ease.”

– Julie Nariman Principal High School of Language and Innovation

“Our experience with the program has been very positive … We strongly recommend the program to other schools.”

– Aurora Garcia-Tunon, Ph.D. Assistant Principal P.S. 242 The Leonard P. Stavisky Early Childhood School

“The Tae Kwon Do program has proven to be a huge success at Veritas! I have first-hand witnessed an increase in student self-esteem, self-discipline and self-confidence. In addition, students have developed in interest in Korean language and culture. I wish to extend a huge thank you to Ms. Regina Im for bringing this program into our school.”

– Cheryl Quantaro Principal Veritas Academy

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