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Kids martial arts classes for Flushing, College Point, Whitestone, Rego Park, Forest Hills, Corona, Woodside, & Queens

Korea TKD teaches kids success skills for life!

Our Children’s program helps school age children develop physically, mentally, and emotionally.  Not only will they achieve their goals inside our class but our program has been designed specifically to help your child to achieve greater success in all areas of their life. We accomplish this by providing physical and mental training that improves your child’s self confidence and social development.

Korea Taekwondo is FUN!!

In a typical 45 minute class, instructors lead students through a series of drills and teach them skills that work on their strength, flexibility, & endurance.  While increasing their coordination, reflexes, and balance, peak overall athletic performance will be reached.  Best of all, they will love the excitement of learning Taekwondo kicks, forms, and self defense techniques.  Every class is different, and your child will look forward to spending time with their classmates and instructors.  Our masters are experts at motivating children and know how to inspire them to give their best effort while still keeping classes fun.

The journey to Black Belt will challenge kids to identify goals they want to achieve and foster the perseverance it takes to do that. As a result their independence and self confidence will grow by leaps and bounds.

Teachers & parents also notice a significant difference when a child begins martial arts classes- better listening, stronger work ethic and higher grades are just a few of the benefits of martial arts.


At Korea TKD, we give our children fun methods to

  • improve self confidence

  • increase focus & concentration

  • understand the importance of self respect & respect for others

  • achieve mental discipline & emotional balance

  • enjoy pursuing a healthy lifestyle

  • set important goals & stay motivated

  • build a strong character

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